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Welcome, Street Pitch Friends!

3 Simple ways you can partner with us to spread the joy of open ended play!

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Gift a toy!

Gift a mess-free, battery-free, imagination and self-confidence boosting toy to a child in your life!

Their parents will thank you.

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Become email friends

I've got big things coming in the new year for people who want to get on the ground floor of growth with Mouse Loves Pig.

This is NOT our customer facing email list (you can find that on our website) this is only for people interested in seeing the behind the scenes of building a brand.

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Connect with me

Mouse Loves Pig is ready to scale. If you're a marketing expert or a financial manager and you love to play, send me an email and let's connect!

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Imagination = Self Confidence

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Our CEO, Ruth Rau

“Kids need the freedom to play their own way.”

If our children are to become the thought leaders and change makers of tomorrow, they need to access a deep sense of self confidence in the value of their own ideas. As an architect and a mom, I saw a way to use toy design to encourage independence, self confidence, and unfettered imagination.

Kids getting lost in their own little worlds for hours without batteries, without screens, and without elaborate Pinterest worthy set-ups.

Mouse Loves Pig is here to help families banish the "I'm bored's" forever by equipping children with ways to tap into the ultimate boredom buster: their own imaginations.

Our Story

Our toys are more than just toys.

They are a jumping off point for imagination, a starting point for an epic story, a piece of the landscape of childhood that purposefully grows with a child.

As their creativity grows, so do the ways they can play with these beautiful open ended toys.

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Our mission

Mouse Loves Pig is on a mission not just to create toys, but to encourage kids and their grown ups to trust themselves.

In a world that tells them all the time what to buy, what to click, what to think, our toys give them the opportunity to decide for themselves.

Developing this kind of independent thought is crucial as our children grow into adults. If play is the work of childhood, open ended toys like these are the tools.