About Us

A note from Ruth:

In a world filled with digital distractions, full schedules, and carpools from one activity to the next, our children are missing the breathing room to be…. children.

Purposeful play with no constraints, no learning objectives, no fine motor skills to master in order to play properly…. freedom to play any way they choose is a salve to the busy mind.

Parents need simple, durable, go anywhere toys that encourage quiet, independent play.  They don’t need a fad that will be quickly played out, they need a workhorse toy that will last through multiple stages of childhood.  

Organic materials, high quality handmade, beautiful toys that your kids just can’t stop playing with.  

Play is the real work of childhood.

Open ended toys like these are the tools.

Ruth Rau - Toy Maker

"As an architect
, I learned the fundamentals of good design.

As a mom, I am constantly learning new things about the importance of open-ended play in early childhood development.

As a citizen of the world, I believe we need more artisan made and small batch production and less mass produced easily breakable throwaway things.

As a toymaker, I am combining these realms to create beautiful, durable toys that encourage independent and imaginative play.

Good design is not about colors and textures, it’s about filling a need for your end user. And kids need fewer, better toys.” - Ruth Rau, founder of Mouse Loves Pig

Meet our team:

Mouse Loves Pig is committed to flexible employment for people who need it.

Humbly Made is a workhome based in Nicaragua that manufactures for American Small Shops. The founders Ashlyn, and husband Gabriel, live in Nicaragua and wanted to improve the lifestyle for families. Beginning in Gabriel's hometown, they renovated a workhome for seamstresses and artisans. The ladies name their wage and make above minimum payment in Nicaragua. The goal is to continue to grow in order to provide more jobs for locals while producing handmade items for hardworking small shop owners.

Connie is a widow with a disabled child who isn't able to work for the family. With her family's help she is able to work for Humbly Made in order to provide for herself and her daughter.

Evelyn is 19 years old and does beautiful hand embroidery. Being raised in a single mother home, she has had to help with her family's income since she was small. Humbly Made is allowing her to have a success, well paid, consistent workplace so she can take better care of her family's needs.

Rebecca has a son who is autistic and it's been very hard for her to find a job and yet make enough to find someone to watch her son while working. She would sometimes just break even but any extra would help towards food and needs for her family. She now works with Humbly Made and can make enough for her family and has childcare taken care of!

Johanna is a single mother of two. She has worked lots of different jobs, but was glad she finally settled at one consistent job that pays more than the minimum wage.

We are SO EXCITED to work with these talented folks to bring your toys to life.