Our Story

Every night at bedtime, our family snuggles and sings songs.  One night my husband sang "The Farmer in the Dell" and completely forgot the words, but he remembered there was a Farmer and a Mouse who ate the cheese.  So he made up a sing song story about them.  The next night it was my turn to sing and my children asked eagerly for "The Farmer in the Dell."  I sang the correct words and they stopped me.

"No, Mama, not that Farmer, the story farmer, like Daddy's."

Ruth and her 2 boys

And so, every night for the past 5 years, we have sung a sing song story version of The Farmer in the Dell.  The Farmer and the Mouse eventually became best friends in our little made up world.  And my youngest son's favorite lovey is a stuffed pig.  And so, Mouse loves Pig.

Mouse Loves Pig is not just a sweet name for our company, it is everything about imagination and creativity and connection between children and adults and teaching our children that the most important thing to "get right" in a story is to have fun and make up your own ending. 

Because in the end, it will be our children who imagine the world in which we live.  It will be the power of their creativity that guides the fate of our culture.  It will be up to them to decide whether to do something because "that's how it's done" or whether to question convention and come up with better solutions.

Mouse Loves Pig was born of a desire to help kids foster their own creativity in the best way - through play.

Ruth Rau, Founder Mouse Loves Pig - Pink wall and ribbon wands

In a world filled with digital distractions, full schedules, and carpools from one activity to the next, our children are missing the breathing room to be…. children.

Purposeful play with no constraints, no learning objectives, no fine motor skills to master in order to play properly…. freedom to play any way they choose is a salve to the busy mind.

Parents need simple, durable, go anywhere toys that encourage quiet, independent play.  They don’t need a fad that will be quickly played out, they need a workhorse toy that will last through multiple stages of childhood.  

Organic materials, high quality handmade, beautiful toys that your kids just can’t stop playing with.  

Play is the real work of childhood.

Open ended toys are the tools.


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