Why Organic Toys

Beautiful Toys Made Beautifully.

There is so much that goes into the making of a toy.

Wherever possible we use fabrics and materials that carry 3rd party certifications for environmental and ethical considerations.

If we can't physically visit a factory, then I make sure to talk directly with a factory representative to ask some really tough questions about working conditions. It has taken a long time to find production partners that pass my test.

I fully recognize that the process is not perfect, but we're doing the best that we can, and as we learn better, we do better.


Who Made My Toys?

Many of our toys are made right here in the USA. Either by the founder herself (whew!), a team of amazing at-home sewists, or a close to local production partner.

We are actively looking for more ethical production partners that can help us increase our output without sacrificing quality or ethics. When we ask a factory "can I come for a tour?" and they say "well, um... you see, it's not really done.... you'll need to make an appointment... I'll have to ask a manager...." I know it's time to end the call. However, when they say, "Yes! Let us know when your flight lands, we'd love to meet you in person, we'd love for you to come walk our production floor and take videos and pictures and celebrate our amazing makers and workers," I know it's time to have samples made and continue the conversation.

Why Organic Toys?

At Mouse Loves Pig, we strive to be as environmentally and ethically aware as possible. It's about our children and their future, but it's also about taking responsibility and making a difference to the world our children will inherit. For this reason, it has been important for us to use GOTS-certified and Oeko-Tex fabrics and ethical manufacturing facilities from the very beginning.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko-Tex are both internationally recognized eco-labels in the textile industry, which stands for ecology and corporate social responsibility.

As a small business, using fabrics that comply with these standards has been a way to ensure that you as a toy buyer get as environmentally friendly and chemical free products as possible.

GOTS-certification and Oeko-Tex Made In Green also both guarantee social responsibility through good working conditions in all the factories we work with. This means that there are proper wages, working hours and high security. 

As a small brand, using these certified fabrics is our way of ensuring no child labor, forced labor, harassment or abuse at any of the factories that make our fabrics.

The crinkle material that we use in the toys is made in a factory that complies with ICTI standards and meets or exceeds all US and EU safety standards for chemical safety for toys (because kids put everything in their mouths).

How are the toys packaged?

Plastic waste is a huge deal in the toy industry (can you remember the last time you opened a toy box and you had to fight for 10 minutes just to free the toy from it's packaging?)

Even though we source some toys that are plastic (hello, adorable little figurines that keep my children entertained for hours!), we try our best to limit plastic in the packaging that goes from us to you.


Our poly mailers are all made with 100% recycled content. If we use air packs in our packaging to you, it is repurposed from what has come to us (we try to use paper instead). And all of our boxes are made with recycled content, if not 100% recycled materials.

In full transparency, this is an area that we can do better. As our business grows and we're sending out more packages, it gets even easier to source good for the planet packaging options.

Our Promise

We are committed to providing toys that bring a world of imagination to the children of our customers without sacrificing the childhood the children of our manufacturing partners.

Call us crazy optimists, but we believe in voting with our dollars for the kind of world in which we want our children to grow up.

You can read more about GOTS here: WWW.GLOBAL-STANDARD.ORG

You can read more about Oeko-Tex here: https://www.oeko-tex.com/en/

You can read more about ICTI here: https://www.ethicaltoyprogram.org/en/

You can shop our toys here: https://mouselovespig.com/collections/all