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DIY Ribbon Wand Kit

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A fun craft for kids and the parents who love them.

How to make a ribbon wand

Step one, locate a suitable wooden ring, preferably organic and made in the USA.
Step two, head to the craft store and buy aaaaalllllll the colors of ribbon that you'll need.
Step three, figure out the best way to tie it without the whole thing coming apart during play.


buy this wonderful kit that has everything included for you.

Waldorf Ribbon Wand DIY kit

This craft kit is appropriate for kids 5 and above with adult supervision and help.  My 7 year old can make one start to finish by himself.  My 5 year old needs some help.  Kids of all ages love to make them and then dance around with their very own fairy wands. 


You will receive:

Pre-cut ribbons

Organic wooden ring

Full picture instructions

a link to a private video showing you step by step how to make a ribbon wand instructions.



About our guarantee:  If your wood ring breaks for any reason, simply send it back and we’ll replace your ribbon wand.  We’ll even pay your return shipping.  Just send us an email through our website contact form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ribbons are 36" untied, 18" ring to tip when tied.  We securely double knot the ribbons, but please be aware that ANY cord this length can become a strangulation hazard. Please supervise your children when playing with these toys.  

THIS IS NOT A TEETHING TOY - STRANGULATION HAZARD Please see our other listings for toys that are safe for babies.

All toys meet all US CPSC Safety Regulations

Looking for more options for your ribbon wands?  Check out all of our colors here:


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