Best Infant Toys - Pineapple Rattle - Mouse Loves Pig
Best Infant Toys - Pineapple Rattle - Mouse Loves Pig
Best Infant Toys - Pineapple Rattle - Mouse Loves Pig
Best Infant Toys - Pineapple Rattle - Mouse Loves Pig

Best Infant Toys - Baby Pineapple Rattle

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Stuffed Baby Pineapple Toy

Think of all the adorable photos you'll capture while your little one pretends to chow down on this brightly colored little stuffed pineapple baby gift. One of the best infant toys out there, you and your baby will love this pineapple toy. 

The crinkle fronds just the right size for chubby little hands, making it easy to grasp and helping with fine motor skills. The auditory feedback of the sound helps with hand eye coordination development.

You can play peekaboo with the charming sleepy face, reinforcing early object permanence ideas for your baby.

The organic cotton makes it safe to chew, making this tropical fruit a lovely fabric teething toy. Some babies find fabric more soothing to sore gums than other materials.

When your child is older, the little face becomes a friend for hide and seek.  Then it becomes pineapple pretend play food. My own 7 year old told me "you can play with the face side and pretend to eat the non-face side, because we don't eat our friends, mama" Not just for babies, this gift will be used for pretend play for years to come.

Hand embroidered face

Gentle rattle sound

Crinkly pineapple fronds

Organic cotton

Simply the best baby pineapple toy ever.


Baby Will Fall In Love with this Pineapple Toy

Pineapple Baby Gift

Approximately 9" top to bottom and 3.5" across.

Certified organic cotton fabric.

Polyester stuffing (so you can spot clean it easily, yay!)

We value the safety of your children, so we make sure your toy complies with all federal Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Customer Reviews

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Katrina Oakes
Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Such an adorable and wellmade rattle- perfect for the little Hawaii baby it was bought for. Love that it is made in the USA with safe materials.

Martha Hardy
Beautiful toys!

These toys are so well made and beautiful


Best Infant Toys - Pineapple Rattle

Love it!

We love to support local business and made by families. Dont think about it and get your kids an amazing toy made with love by a family in the USA. Loved also the presentation by mail.