Eco-Friendly Family Tips and Tricks

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Eco-Friendly Gifts

Eco-Friendly Family Gift Guide

Tip 1: Reduce waste with re-useable products!

Wouldn't it be nice to find a product that is kid-friendly, helps you save money, while simultaneously will help you save the environment? A single reusable storage bag can replace over 300 single-use plastic bags in just a year of use! This reduces your family's plastic waste and helps you live more sustainably. By using reusable storage bags, you save money by no longer having to purchase wasteful, one-time use plastic bags. Reduce and reuse by making the simple change to reusable storage bags.

Ziparoos reusable snack bags

Find these sweet reusable snack bags at


Tip 2: Choose Non-Toxic Cosmetics

Reducing the negative impact we have on our own bodies and our planet is often as easy as a simple swap. Opting for a nail polish that is 10-free means you don't have to give up color in order to ditch the dirty toxins. It's the best of both worlds for you, your littles, AND the planet.

Non Toxic Nail Polish from Keep it Clean Shop

Check out these lovely shades of non-toxic nail polish from


Tip 3: Choose organic baby toys, especially for teething

Do you know what your baby is putting into their mouth?  Fist fulls of dirt have less harmful chemicals in them than some of the plastic toys that are on the market today. Be sure to choose all natural organic teething toys for baby so that you know the grossest thing going into their mouths is not something you bought at the store.

We have organic cotton baby toys with organic wooden rings available right here on Mouse Loves Pig


Tip 4: Create memories to last a lifetime

Instead of tons of cheap gifts, purchase a single item to create a family tradition that will become a treasured keepsake. Like these growth charts from The White Loft. They are a simple, heirloom product that can stay with your family for years to come. In lieu of a doorframe that may get left behind, thier wooden and canvas charts are timelessly designed to withstand the trends as your family grows!

(they have wooden month markers to track baby growth by the month... and those can either be reused or made into holiday ornaments -- writing milestones on the back of each month! )

Wooden Growth Chart from White Loft

Wooden Growth Chart is available from


Tip 5: Choose non-toxic toys that last

When you buy gifts, choose all natural products, like wooden toys, that don't have all the toxic chemicals of plastics. An added bonus is that these kinds of open ended toys grow with your children, becoming beloved toys that are played with again and again instead of ending up in a landfill when the fad has faded.

Wooden Toys from Wonder's Journey

These sweet wooden toy sets are available from Wonder's Journey


Tip 6: Choose adjustable styles for kids' clothes

Reduce clutter and the endless changing out of different size clothes with these grow with me Rompers! Tinker Tyke Thread's rompers not only grow with your child, but they eliminate the need for multiple clothing pieces in all different sizes. They have 5 sizes that will bring you from preemie all the way through size 8Y! Add their one of a kind Medi Pocket to allow for easy access to medical tubes.

Grow with me Romper from Tinker Tyke Threads

Grow with me rompers available from Tinker Tyke Threads


Tip 7: Choose eco-friendly materials when you can

Any steps, big or small, that you take to make a difference is helpful! Tuesday June uses organic cotton and materials for their products for this reason. It’s better for our bodies and better for water quality around the world. And you can rest assured that these products are the safest for your little one's sensitive skin.

Organic Kids Clothes from Tuesday June

Check out these organic cotton pants from Tuesday June


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