Kid's Favorite Gift Guide 2023

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So it's December already and you haven't started your holiday shopping.

Don't worry, us too. We can work on this together!

December is busy, so we've put together 8 great gift ideas for babies, toddlers, and school aged kids. Plus, so you feel like you've really got Christmas in the bag this year, get 15% off all our Gift Guide picks! Use code GIFTGUIDE23 at checkout.

Go ahead, steal our Christmas present ideas. We promise we won't tell Santa. 

1. When you have a whole tribe of children to shop for. 


Rainbow Colors Hand Kite Play Set

Everyone gets what they want when they can pick their favorite color! Gifting our Rainbow Wand Set is as easy as 1-2-3....4-5-6 🌈. This gift is absolutely perfect when you have a large family of kiddos. Break up the set or gift it together. 

Bonus: Never arrive to a family holiday gathering empty handed. Trust us, you'll thank us when the kids are busy playing with their new hand kites and not asking for the 54878th time when Christmas Dinner will be ready. 

2. Gifts for the one who is obsessed with cars.

Kids Car Mat - Raceway Deluxe Car Travel Toy

Are they in *that* phase? Make them feel like they’re a fast hot rod by pairing the play mat with our red ribbon wand. Zoom!

Parents will love this gift, too. Each car has its own little pocket and the whole travel toy rolls up into a car carrying case with its own handle.  And if your little one gets tired of carrying it around, it's compact enough to fit easily into a diaper bag or purse.

3. Gifts for the early learner


Travel Shape Toys

They're busy, busy, busy. But you don't have to be to find the perfect gift for the busy toddler.

Learning colors, learning shapes, learning concepts like similar and different, object permanence and fine motor skills.  Take that learning with you wherever you go with this travel shape and color learning toy.

Bonus: Wrap it with our rainbow wand as the bow on top. The bright colors and sensory movement of the ribbon will delight little learners on Christmas day and beyond.

4. When you need a gift for baby's first Christmas.

Baby Crinkle Toys - You are my Sunshine

Never worry about clashing with the new nursery colors by giving baby this hand made black and white teething toy. Add a monochrome ribbon wand and you have a complete gift that keeps on giving for years to come. 

Don't forget to use the code GIFTGUIDE22 for 15% off any and all of our "best Christmas ever" Gift Guide picks!

5. For the one with imagination to spare.

Fairy Toys Playset

Tiny world play is good for kids... it helps them work out in the real world the things they are processing in their minds. Give them the chance to take their magical fairy toys friends with them for on the go imaginative play with this organic travel toy for kids.

The Ballerina Dreams Wand, Pink, and Purple Ribbon wands are the perfect extra touch - especially if the pretend game of the day is 'Sugar Plum Fairy' . 

6. Gifts that say, "Rawr means I love you in Dinosaur". 


Dinosaur Sensory Toys

You're out with your kids and they are... behaving themselves. There may be a whispered “roar” or some growling, but it is utterly endearing. 

Make it terrific by pairing this play mat with a fun, sensory ribbon wand. And what goes better with jurassic pretend play than a leafy green ribbon wand?

7. For the kid who is out of this world.

Space Themed Toys for Kids

To infinity and beyond! Tell your little astronaut that they can do anything, and it starts right here. 

Our orange ribbon wand pairs beautifully with this outer space themed gift - just like the shooting star!

8. The perfect gift for the kid who loves crafts. 

DIY Ribbon Wand Kit

A fun craft for kids and the parents who love them! If you love to gift experiences, rather than whatever is on their parent's Amazon list, this is the gift you're looking for. Kids of all ages will love to make a toy of their very own to keep and play with.

Bonus: We provide DIY kit options for SO MANY colors and themes, so if you love the ribbon wand pairing suggestions that we've made throughout our list, you can substitute the DIY version for any color! 

Use the code, GIFTGUIDE22 for 15% off any and all of our "best Christmas ever" Gift Guide picks!

As an independent toy maker, we appreciate you shopping small for your Holiday gifts. Merry Christmas, friends! 

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