Representation Matters in Toys

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Representation Matters in Toys

Kids need to see other kids reflected in their toys and in their books. Racial diversity in toys can promote empathy, kindness, and increased self esteem for ALL kids who play with them.

Look at your toy shelf, your bookshelf, your home. Do the toys your kids play with reflect the people in your community?

Children learn through play. They learn their numbers, they learn to read, they learn all about their world through play. So come on parents, let's demand better from the toy industry.

Diversity in toys matters.

To that end, here's a list of 23 shops that sell African American Toys and racially inclusive toys for children.

Natural hair dolls from Natural Girls United

African American dolls with natural black hairstyles from Natural Girls United

Simply beautiful dolls with a variety of handmade hairstyles.

STEAM subscription box from Brown Toy Box
STEAM subscription from Brown Toy Box

Learn about STEAM topics featuring black and brown characters and black and brown scientists. Boxes are available for ages 4-12


Zoe from Healthy Roots Dolls

African American Girl playing with doll with naturally curly hair from Healthy Roots Dolls
A doll with hair you can style and a full line of naturally curly hair care products. Encourage young girls to love their natural curls.


Herstory Dolls - 18" African American Dolls for girls

 Her Story Dolls - 18" African American Girl Dolls

Dolls with features and hair that mimic kids of African Descent with a variety of hairstyles available.


Puzzles from Puzzle Huddle

Puzzles with black kids from Puzzle Huddle

Featuring kids of color doing all sorts of careers. They have puzzles of varying difficulties from super simple to super challenging.


Mouse Loves Pig - Melanin Magic Ribbon Wands

Black girls playing with Hand Kites that say Melanin Magic and Black Girl Magic from Mouse Loves Pig

When you hear a kid say "hey look, this ribbon matches me!" Every kid needs toys that "match" who they are.


Basket of Babies from Kaplan Learning Company

Basket full of babies - black and brown baby dolls

(they've got lots of fun multi-cultural dolls too)

Pretend Play Family - African American

African American Family Play Set

African American Family Play set - there are lots of other races and families represented on this site too!


Goose Grease Shop - Mulitcultural Peg dolls

Iconic Historic Figures Peg Doll Set from Goose Grease Shop
Iconic people in history, multi-race dolls, and even custom peg dolls, all hand chiseled and hand painted in Columbia (the Peace Makers Set is my personal favorite)


Mix and Match Magnet People from My Family Builders

Toys for teaching diversity from My Family Builders

Build your family anyway you want to.


Custom dolls from My Kinda Thing

Custom Doll with African American Skin from My Kinda Thing

Soft and snuggly crochet dolls can be made to look just like your child! She also has patterns if you want to make your own.


Soft Dolls from Best Dolls for Kids

Best Dolls for Kids

A rainbow of dolls in a variety of styles, there is sure to be something for everyone here.


Sweet little rattle dolls from Nova Reign Co.

Nova Reign Co. diverse rattle dolls

These are truly handmade with love and oh so soft.


Customize your meals with Dylbug

Dylbug personalized plates for kids

You can order plates that come with characters that look like your kid AND have their name on it. Mealtime has never been so playful!


Party Supplies for Kids of Color from Craft My Occasion

Black Mermaid Party Supplies from Craft My Occasion

Need a mermaid or superhero that looks like your kid for their next party? This creative parent designed her own when she couldn't find diverse plates at the party store.

Black and brown dolls from Crochet Me This

Black dolls with tutus from Crochet Me This

This mom owned business also has the most adorable hatching animals I've ever seen.


Peg dolls from Tiffany Lee Studios
Multi-cultural dolls from Tiffany Lee Studios

Hand painted in a variety of skin colors (she's got mermaids too... just sayin'....)


Doodle Daisy Shop - Handmade soft dolls

Nutcracker Ballerina Soft Doll Set from Doodle Daisy Shop

Safe for the littlest and huggable by children of all ages. My new favorite is this Nutcracker ballerina set


African American Nutcrackers from Nutcracker Ballet Gifts

Black Nutcracker from Nutcracker Ballet Gifts

Speaking of the Nutcracker, here's a whole selection of ballerinas and nutcrackers


Wonder Crew - Boy Dolls

Black boy with black boy doll from Wonder Crew

Find one to match your little guy and let him explore adventure through friendship.


Personalized Bags and Gifts from Brown Kid Swag

Brown Kid Swag Backpacks with black characters

Backpacks, bags, and other fun gear featuring black and brown characters.

Memory Game from Little Likes Kids

Little Likes Kids Memory Game

Beautiful illustrations that kids will love, these memory games feature children of all skin colors.


Mighty Kind Kids Magazine

Mighty Kind Magazine

If toys and gear aren't your thing, how about a quarterly magazine that evokes Mr. Rogers type feelings and acceptance in every page.


It's up to us as parents to make sure that our children's toy boxes accurately represent the world around them.

If you know of any other diverse toy companies for kids, please comment below!

And please, help us spread the diversity love by pinning this post. <3

23 Toys to teach diversity and inclusion. Representation Matters in toys and this list is filled with beautiful toys that represent black and brown children. Diverse toys give children of all races more empathy, kindness, and belonging.

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