Whimsical Playrooms That Grow With Your Kids

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Choosing toys and decor for your kids' rooms is daunting. With so many choices and with kid interests changing so fast, it's hard to know what to choose that won't be quickly outgrown. 

We've gathered together a few kid experts to give tips on how to choose toys and decor that will grow with your kids and allow you to buy less but better.


1 - Personalized toys that double as decor:

It is always a bonus when gifts are multi-functional or have several uses. We love that our crayons can be used as decor in a room until a child is old enough to use them. As children get older, they can use our personalized crayons to practice spelling their name, spelling words, or create colorful works of art. Toys that are beautiful and functional make play more fun! We love the personalized rainbow crayons from Art 2 The Extreme

personalized name crayons

2 - Wall decor that allows you to change your mind:

 Peony Wall decals

Get creative with repositionable wall decals! These peel and stick peonies make it quick and easy to arrange and re-arrange your floral pieces on your wall. Bonus points for you as a parent if you allow your child to choose for themselves where the decals go. We love this set from Amanda's Designer Decals, and all the of the cute animals in her shop too!


3 - Toys with less technology offer up more play value:

Space themed peg dolls

It's not new knowledge that imaginative play helps brain development in children. Storytelling, problem solving and social skills are all developed with creative play with simple play figures. Entire worlds to be created at their fingertips all in one little handheld toy. These sweet peg dolls certainly fit the bill for open ended play, from Tiffany Lee Studios


4 - Versatile decor can be used in lots of different ways

felt flower garland baby milestone

A felt flower garland can be so versatile! Here are a few ways to use them:
-Can be used to mark months for milestone photos with your new babe
-Wrap around your little's play tent or canopy to add a whimsical flair
-Can be used to help decorate your desert table and or high chair at a baby shower and baby's first birthday
-They make lovely backdrops to any tea party
-Add a touch of garden whimsy to any room draping over bed rails or book shelves.
And this sweet garland is one of our favorites, from Treasured Peach.


5 - Wall decor with a hint of sophistication will grow with your children

Man Cave nursury with deer head wall art

Instead of choosing overtly "juvenile" prints, choose something with a bit of timelessness so that as your child grows, the art can grow with them. You can create a playful space with personality that your child can grow in with Artsy Pumpkin wall art.


6 - Choose open ended toys with multiple uses to increase creativity.

Open ended toys that are powered 90% by the child and only 10% by the toy are the best kind for encouraging creativity in children. Instead of just one "right way" to play, open ended toys allow for child directed play and effortless learning through play. These sweet travel toys without the noise are storage, carry case, playscape, and general jumping off point for imaginative play all rolled into one. Find more themes here at Mouse Loves Pig


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